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Family Dentistry

Family Dentist In Grand Rapids - Dr. Samuel T. Bander

Finding a family dentist is an important task. You want a dentist with experience, a quality education and an excellent reputation.  At the dental office of Grand Rapids family dentist, Dr. Samuel T. Bander, we boast these traits and more. As a full-service family dentist we treat patients of all ages. From routine professional cleanings, to getting a cavity filled or implant supported dentures, we are able to treat all your dental needs. We accept toddlers starting at the age of 3.


Your Child's Dentist Should Make Children Feel Special

A child’s first trip to the dentist is an important step. Too many dental phobias stem from unpleasant experiences. Some children don’t like the noises; others are afraid of the unknown or anticipate pain; while some children are just anxious about being separated from their parents. Our family dental practice takes all of these situations into account and work to make each experience fun! The entire team at Dr. Bander’s office places a special focus on our young guests. Each appointment should be a happy visit with a treasure chest of toys for the kids to choose from and a nurturing environment where parents and children alike feel comfortable.  A dentist who earns a child’s trust will create a positive environment and push dental phobias away.

Preventative Family Dental Practices

At our Grand Rapids family dental practice, we are continually focused on preventative dental care. Our practice takes a proactive approach to cavities utilizing the Carifree Decay Management program. This program has been adopted by the Kois Center (a leader in dental advancement), where Dr. Bander is a Mentor, and works to prevent cavities before they happen.  The Carifree treatment rinse changes the pH balance in your mouth, elevating the healthy pH to lower cavity supporting bacteria.  Imagine a treatment rinse that eliminates cavities; allowing you to avoid the time, money and discomfort of dental treatment to drill and fill!  A risk assessment will determine your mouth’s natural pH levels and susceptibility to cavities to let you know if Carifree is right for you and your family.

Build a Relationship for a Lifetime 

Our goal is to build a positive relationship with every member of the family while providing guidance and treatment to achieve dental wellness; helping you keep your teeth for a lifetime. Patients are considered our guests. The minute you walk in the door, we want you to feel at home. We focus on each person’s oral health today and work to improve it for tomorrow. A long-lasting relationship with Dr. Samuel T. Bander, Cosmetic and Family Dentistry will keep the family smiling for years to come.

Your Grand Rapids Family Dentist

It would be our privilege to serve you and your family at our Grand Rapids family dental practice of Dr. Samuel T. Bander, Cosmetic and Family Dentistry. We will build a trusted relationship with you and every member of your family, helping the whole family with all their dental needs. Set up an appointment for your family when you call us at (616) 949-5980.

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